Capital Simplified

Establish and sustain a competitive edge. Access capital that will help your business ascend to new heights.

Key Investment Areas

At the core of My Day Capital is a dedication to making investments through an expertly-conducted selection process. Our unique approach to investments promotes a strategy that is easily adaptable to shifting markets while maintaining a forward-thinking approach.


From health insurance companies to medical diagnostic tools, healthcare companies make up a valued portion of potential investments.


Focused on AI or simply benefiting from automation? The explosive growth of artificial intelligence has the potential to reshape all industries as we know them.

Venture Capital

Actively pursuing start-ups with far-reaching potential? Many of the dominant modern companies were venture capital funded, and we’re always searching for the next big thing.


Whether it’s an analytical tool to reshape how researchers process information or a breakthrough pharmaceutical, we’re on the look-out for revolutionary BioTech companies.


The future of markets lies in the Fintech being developed today. From blockchain to stock-trading apps, we’re focused on emerging technologies in the financial sector.

Renewable Energy

An industry that is in the midst of phenomenal and unprecedented growth. We’re exceedingly interested in companies revolutionizing solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, and more.

Helpful Stock Resources for Navigating the Markets

Preparing for an IPO

Initial IPO Preparations

Listing on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE)

Non-Offering Prospectus Listings

CSE Requirements For Capitalization Tables


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