The Benefits of a Non-Offering Prospectus Listing

There are numerous reasons for why a company might want to go ahead with listing but skip the IPO. Perhaps the company simply doesn’t require gaining funds through a prospectus, though it still sees significant value in being listed. For companies in this position, a Non-Offering Prospectus listing is an attractive alternative. This listing avenue will save a lot of time and costs because an underwriter is not involved in the process.

In this type of listing, a company ensures that securities can be dispersed to the public without the need of supplying new securities. Listing a company doesn’t necessarily require an IPO, since venture issuer financing primarily relies upon private placement to raise capital through selected investors.

Not only can a company avoid obtaining an underwriter’s services altogether, but the process can sometimes be quicker with an expected time frame in the 8-12 weeks range. This ultimately means that a Non-Offering Prospectus listing can be quicker and less costly than preparing an IPO.